1:40 p.m. - 2:55 p.m.   Breakout Session III

2018 East Texas Transition Conference: Door to the Future

Stacey Levrets, Community Work Incentive Coordinator 

Stacey Levrets has more than 20 years experience assisting people with disabilities to become a part of their community. She spent several years assisting people with mental health concerns, securing safe affordable housing, as well as educating them to access various community resources. The majority of Stacey’s experience has focused on developing community employment opportunities and assistance for people with a wide range of disabilities. Ms.Levrets joined the Imagine Enterprises team in October 2001. She currently works as a Community Work Incentive Coordinator (CWIC) under the Work Incentive Planning and Assistance Project, a cooperative agreement with the Social Security Administration. As the CWIC, she travels throughout a 54-county region in West Texas explaining Social Security Work Incentives that promote employment for individuals who are receiving SSI and SSDI benefits. Ms.Levrets provides free and accurate information on how employment will affect Social Security cash benefits and medical coverage.  She assists individuals to identify, request, and submit the appropriate work incentives with SSA, as well as providing long and short-term support and follow-up services. She is a dedicated advocate and is committed to assisting people with achieving their personal and professional goals.    

There are many myths about working while receiving SSI or SSDI benefits. Many people believe that if they work, they will lose their cash and medical benefits. The truth is that Social Security has work incentives that make it easier for people with disabilities to work and still keep medical benefits and, in some cases, still receive cash benefits from Social Security. We will learn about the SSI and SSDI work incentives and learn who to contact for assistance when you are ready to seek employment. 

Let’s go to work!!! Understand the Impact of Work on Benefits! 




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